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Magnetic Shielding

Serviciencia, S.L. distributes in Europe the products for magnetic screening (shielding)  from Magnetic Shield Corporation (U. S. A.), supplier of NETIC®, CO-NETIC® and MuMETAL® alloys (1). Due to that we can supply:

  • Sheets and foils in CO-NETIC and NETIC alloys. The first with a very high permeability and the second with a lower permeability but with a higher saturation flux.
  • Finished screens (shields), standard and of any shape as requested, in CO-NETIC, MuMETAL or NETIC material.
  • Laboratory Kit, economical, for small prototypes and tests. It contains pieces of CO-NETIC and NETIC of different thickness.
The LK-110/120 kits likely are the cheaper and faster way to get small quantities, in assorted pieces, of this kind of magnetic material, in order to test small prototypes, to perform some experiments, etc. The LK-120 is same as the LK-110, but also includes a probe to measure AC fields.
We can supply LK-110 and LK 120 Magnetic Shielding Lab Kit to customers in European countries.
LK-5 brochures, for LK-110/120, in PDF  :

Current prices:

Kit LK-110: Euro 155.00 + delivery expenses (+ VAT 21% when applicable).

Kit LK-120: Euro 225.00 + delivery expenses (+ VAT 21% when applicable).

Please, ask to us for your quotation when needed.

Small quanitites


Else than the Kits LK-110 and LK-120, we also offer the new CP020-A4 sheet, of Co-Netic AA.



- (1) NETIC, CO-NETIC and MuMETAL are registered trade names of Magnetic Shield Corp. -

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