Calibration Coil

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Ferronato® - BH-1

. . . Miniature Helmholtz coil, specially designed to check and calibrate a wide variety of low field magnetic probes, from a few millimetres to 25,4 mm (1 inch) in diameter, both longitudinal and transversal ones.

. . . Ideally suited to test recording systems proper working on the field and in the laboratory.

  • Precision winding, with less than ±1 % error for the generated field.

  • Easy field/current ratio: 1 µT/1 mA (10 mGs/1 mA).

  • Over-current protected by a self re-settable fuse.

  • With an adjustable holder for most of the probes, by a two sliding rings and four screws exclusive device.

  • By removing the holder it is possible to introduce objects to 51 mm in diameter, using only the two lateral screws to fix it.

  • One hole with M6 thread, on connector box, allows for to fix it easily to a tripod or any other structure.

  • Compact and rugged construction, without excessive weight.

  • Easy connection by banana plugs or by bare end cables.

  • Totally constructed from non-ferromagnetic materials.

  • Excellent quality/price ratio.


Field/current ratio: 1 µT/1 mA (10 mGs/1 mA). Maximum error: ±1 %.
Maximum field: 100 µT (1 Gauss) in constant mode. Around 200 µT (2 Gauss) in short pulses.
Maximum current: 100 mA in constant mode. Around 200 mA in short pulses.
Resistance (DC): 8.5 Ohm ±0.2 Ohm (total, fuse including).
Self inductance: 360 µH ±5 %.
Self resonance frequency: 1.54 MHz ±0.05 MHz.
Magnetic field homogeneity: Less than ±1 % difference, in respective to centre, in a 14 mm in diameter by 14 mm in length cylindrical volume, coil centred. Less than ±5 % difference in a 25 x 25 mm cylindrical volume.
Over-current protection: Against excessive current, to 12.5 V CC, maximum, applied to its connectors. By a fuse that self re-sets after some seconds upon voltage removal.
Connection: Two female bananas, 4 mm in diameter, 25 mm spaced, with lateral hole and threaded head for wire connection.
Probe holder: It holds to 25.4 mm (1 inch) in diameter probes, both in longitudinal and transversal position in respective to the coil body, with its sensing element located in the homogeneous to 1 % field zone.
Materials: High strength PVC plastic body. Low density foamed PVC interior holding rings. Nylon probe holding screws, M6 with knurled brass heads. Connection box made from Nylon with PVC cover. Connectors in nickel-plated brass (non-ferromagnetic) and plastic.
Body dimensions: Exterior diameter 62 mm. Interior diameter 51 mm. Length 62 mm.
Maximum dimensions: Length 79 mm. Wide 75 mm, with screwed-in probe holding screws.
Weight: 150 grams.
Accessories: It is delivered with Use Instructions, in English and Spanish.
Warranty: Two years.

These specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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