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Examples of special coil systems already supplied under demand




Helmholtz coils of 3 metres.

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Merritt coils of 3 metres, four coils per axis.

Very interesting blog about the installation of a  BM4-3000-3-A, in Austria (2018).


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     A set of coils in three axes, of 491 mm in diameter, specially designed to fit the interior of a cylindrical magnetic shield supplied jointly. It combines circular and square coils for an optimal use of the space. Each coil can be removed and re-installed as advisable


A coil-set in a two-layer magnetic shield. With a solenoid (diam. 338 mm) and a cubic set of three coil pairs, for DC and AC. It has a maximum access space for this shield size.


A coil-set of 270 mm (larger pair), for three axes. It generates 500 microT/A per axis, to 2 mT (20 Gauss) in a steady way. Specially constructed to be introduced in a test hole of 300 mm in diameter. A very strong assembly.


A power coil-set, on one axis, of 300 mm in diameter.  It generates  850 microT/A, to 8,5 mT (85 G) in a steady way. DC and AC.

 It is shown also in the following picture.

BH800-3-A and


Three-axis coil-set of 800 mm in diameter. It generates 333 microT/A (3.33 G) on each axis, to 1 mT (10 G) in a steady way. DC and AC.

It is shown with a power pair of 300 mm installed at its centre.


Three-axis. Four coils per axis. The larger coils are of about 600 mm by side.

Minimum obstruction on the Z-Y plane due to the coils.

Better field homogeneity than Helmholtz coil-sets of similar size.

Designed for experiments with beams of polarized neutrons it could be useful in other aplications.


Of 156 mm effective diameter. To 38 mT (380 G) in a steady way (to 50 mT with a fan). It could include a second pair for high frequencies and a sample holder (as in the photo). Well suited for  ferroelectromagnetic and metrological purposes.


Of 300 mm in nominal diameter. High power on three axes. To 4 mT (40 Gauss) on any axis. To 6.5 mT (65 G) on Z-axis.


Of 1600 mm in diameter, for high frequencies (>1MHz), with pedestal and with  stand of variable height for DUT. Supplied dismantled.

We can supply coils like these with diameters to 1800 mm, for low and high frequencies.


Of 1000 mm in diameter, to 5 mT in steady way with low heating.

Weight: 143 kg.


For environments at high temperatures (ovens).
Of 173 mm in diameter. To 13.7 mT in steady way in environments at 21 ºC. To 6.4 mT in environments at 160 ºC. Lower fields at 200 ºC.


Of 1,000 mm in mean side. To 8.4 mT steady way with a moderated heating. To 12,5 mT with 50% duty cycle.

Weight: 277 kg.

Optional: DUT table and pedestal with castors.


Merritt coils of 1 metre by side.

Field homogeneity about double better than for Helmholtz coils of similar dimensions.

To about 1.3 mT along each axis.

DC and AC operation.





System for Metrology.

With coils BH1300-3-C for local field cancellation and mobile coils to generate the calibration field.

Shown calibration coils:

BH508-M and BH230-M.

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De potencia, enfriadas por agua


Of 40 mm in mean diameter.

For high frequencies (> 100 kHz).

Field/Current ratio: 720 microT/A.

To 29 mT (290 G), in DC and AC.


Of 57 mm in mean diameter. Field/Current ratio: 5.2 mT/A. To 100 mT (1000 G) in a steady way. DC and AC operation.


Of 80 mm in mean diameter.

Field/Current ratio: 25 mT/A.

To 150 mT (1500 G) in a steady way. DC and AC operation.


Of 48 mm mean diameter. To 75 mT  in DC, steady way.

With some changes it could reach to 100 mT or operate in AC.

Body in Cu 99,95% (OF).


Of 77 mm in mean diameter.

B/i ratio: 3.7 mT/A.

To 200 mT in DC, steady.

Interior diameter: 25 mm.

Exterior diameter: 143 mm.


104 mm in internal diameter.

Field >25 mT DC, steady way.

DC and AC operation.

Bobinas sensoras de flujo magnético variable (para fluxímetros)


Of 500 mm in diameter, with high sensitivity. Measuring Constant: 0.006 cm.

The coils are shielded against electric field disturbances.

It is ideal for the measurement of the magnetic moment  in magnets.

The frame allows to install many kinds of accessories.

Please, feel free in asking us for further details.


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