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Sales conditions and total prices for one unit, door-to-door delivered

We have arranged the following procedure in order to make available some of our small devices to many interested people. We are starting with the ECG Simulators, but we are thinking in setting this up for other devices later. Since this is a new feature on this web site some problems could arise, in such a case we would appreciate you reporting it to us. Thank you.

Payments are in advance, with the order. These can be done by credit/debit card through the Paypal services, an Internet payment world leading company with thousands of customers, or by a more conventional way (bank transfer, cheque, etc.) directly to us.

To use Paypal in payments it is necessary to get registered by filling some electronic forms. It is in English only, but quite a simple procedure.

It is possible to buy only one unit on every purchase through Paypal .

The prices, for every destination, are in Table e1 below.

Transport and delivery: an urgent transport company does delivery the purchases through Paypal to your address (DAP "Town of Destination", Incoterm 2010). Transit times are between 1 and 5 working days, according to the destination place. Some delays could arise due to customs procedures in some countries. Serviciencia reserves the right to choose the transport company. It is important that you show us clearly the delivery address, as well as one phone number to contact you, just in case it is necessary (the transport company demands it). Those customers who are going to purchase through Paypal should use the "Optional Instructions" space, available on the purchasing form, to state their phone number and any other information they consider is necessary. It could be also sent separately to us by E-mail.

Serviciencia will use the services of MRW for deliveries in Spain and Portugal and of TNT Express for the rest of countries. If the Customer would want the delivery by some other transport company the cost could be higher.

Delivery time: it will be dispatched before two weeks from the order and payment reception, as maximum. With units in stock that time is lower than one week normally. Considering its transit time the purchase could be received in between 1 to 3 weeks after ordered. Also to be considered possible delays due to customs procedures.

Customs: in case it exists, customs expenses and taxes are paid by the Buyer (DAP "Town of Destination", Incoterm 2010).

Product return: if you are not satisfied enough with your purchase you can return the product, in good condition, within 15 days of reception, with shipping costs paid by you and we will refund the payment later. Refunding will be done by your credit card, if you have paid with it, or by bank transfer or cheque, depending on the case. (We try to prevent this by offering clear information and a good quality product.)

Invoicing: we will attach the corresponding invoice to every shipment purchased through Paypal. In other cases it could be sent separately.

Warranty: see the warranty period on every product specification. It is of two years for the FC3D and FC12D ECG Simulators. In case of failure during the warranty, not due to some abuse according to Serviciencia, the unit will be repaired or replaced without charges and the returning transport expenses to the buyer will be on our account. The product must be sent to us with shipment expenses paid. If the product is disassembled or repaired its warranty is void.


Delivery address and contact phone: be sure that these are clear enough and complete.

Fiscal identification and VAT: the Buyers who are a company or a professional, from the European Union, must show their complete fiscal identification number for proper invoicing. If using a personal credit card, not belonging to the company or professional, the invoicing information could be included in the "Optional Instructions" space on the Paypal form, or be sent to us separately by E-mail instead.


Table 1 - Amount to be charged for one unit, region and VAT according

- Revised on 08-Jan-2016 - These prices could be modified at any moment -

If you have some doubt about your credit card payment you could consult us and we will try to help you. You can consult us by E-mail to

Geographical area ordered from




VAT TOTAL Order/payment by PAYPAL


(Euro) 21% (Euro)







EU28 - 28 Countries European Union  (*)


Excluding Spain

FC3D 78.00 --



Ask to us

Ask to us

FC12D 138.00 --



Ask to us

Ask to us

Spain FC3D 78.00 10.00




FC12D 138.00 10.00



Rest of Europe

 Excludes EU28 (*)

FC3D 78.00 -- 0.00 Ask to us

Ask to us

FC12D 138.00 -- 0.00 Ask to us

Ask to us

  North America

 United States, Canada and Mexico

FC3D 78.00 35.00 0.00 113.00

FC12D 138.00 35.00 0.00 173.00

  Central and South America (***) FC3D 78.00 47.00 0.00 125.00

FC12D 138.00 47.00 0.00 185.00

  Asia, Africa, Australasia and Oceania (***) FC3D 78.00 -- 0.00 Ask to us

Ask to us

FC12D 138.00 -- 0.00 Ask to us

Ask to us


Notes about Table 1

(*) EU28: European Union members at January 2008: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
(**) VAT at EU28: If the Customer is a VAT declaring organization he can contact us for to prepare a special offer by E-mail to pay through Paypal, VAT not included. For that we will need his full address, including the VAT registration number.
(***) Countries and Paypal: The number of countries from which it is possible to pay with credit/debit cards through Paypal continues to grow. You can check if your country is included at the Internet page: .
 The countries not included in here can purchase  according to the tariff in Table 1 by choosing a procedure different than PAYPAL and credit card. We will be pleased to attend your enquiries about other available ways.

  Do not hesitate in asking us about quotations for more than one unit.


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