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---  Permanent magnets from MRI(*) systems dismounted at the end of its life for medical purposes.

---  High homogeneous field without the need of external power supply.

  • Field: 0.2 T, vertical.

  • High field homogeneity in a spherical volume of around 350 mm in diameter.

  • Very high short-term field stability. The stability to medium and long term could be made very high by the control of the magnet temperature.

  • Weight: about 9600 kg.

  • External dimensions: width 1950 x depth 1200 x height 1400 mm.

  • These could be very useful for experiments in Physics, magnetic tests on devices, etc.

  • High quality magnets in good condition and with a relatively very low price.

  • We provide service for its transport, installation, adjustments, etc.

  • There are many more details available to interested people.




(*) - MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging system.


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